Mission Auto-Accept – ClickSaver 3.1.5

To begin with, here’s a demonstration of a rolling session that auto-accepts 3 missions:


In ClickSaver’s Missions tab, the # of Mish: box near the [ Start Buying Agent ] button defines the type of auto-accepting you want to accomplish.

ClickSaver, number of missions to auto-accept

  • Set to 0 for the usual, just roll, no auto-accept, behaviour.
  • Set to 1 for auto-accepting the first mission that matches your search criteria.
  • If set to 2 or more, ClickSaver will try to auto-accept that number of missions according to your search criteria.

When auto-accepting two or more missions,

  • Make sure the Easy-Hard slider is setup for the mission QLs you want to roll.
  • Make sure you have enough space in your inventory for the mission keys (and perhaps “repair items”) that the number of missions you want are going to generate.
  • If you’re playing in windowed mode:
    • Target the individual or team mission terminal
    • Hit [ Start Buying Agent ]
  • If you’re playing in full-screen mode:
    • Hit [ Start Fullscreen Mode ]
    • Target the individual or team mission terminal
    • ‘Use’ it to bring the mission request dialog
    • Hit once on [ Request Missions ]

If multi-accepting doesn’t work at first, make sure that ClickSaver is using the same ‘Use’ key as your AO client.

  • In your AO client, hit F10, click on the Key bindings tab, and scroll down until you locate the pair Category/Function “Actions/Use“. Check it’s Key value.
  • In ClickSaver’s Options tab, look for the AO ‘Use/operate target’ Key value.
  • Make sure both values are the same.

NOTE: Mission Auto-Accept works only in ClickSaver Donator’s Edition.



Items tab / Buy List (AA) Mode

Buy List (AA) Mode is extremely helpful when rolling for item sets, like basic implants and clusters for custom implants, nanocrystals for your chars, armor sets, etc.

When this option is enabled, the items list is treated as a buy list.

If you’re auto-accepting missions with Buy List (AA) Mode enabled, every time a mission is auto-accepted for an item, that item is marked as auto-accepted with an (AA) before it, to avoid rolling it a second time.

Organic Armor Boots
Organic Armor Gloves
Organic Armor Helmet
Organic Armor Pants
Organic Armor Sleeves
Organic Armor Sleeves
Organic Body Armor

For instance if you have the above in your items list and you run a seven auto-accept roll session, you should end up with seven missions, one for every piece of armor, and the items list looking like this:

(AA)Organic Armor Boots
(AA)Organic Armor Gloves
(AA)Organic Armor Helmet
(AA)Organic Armor Pants
(AA)Organic Armor Sleeves
(AA)Organic Armor Sleeves
(AA)Organic Body Armor

So after blitzing the seven missions you end up with a full set of organic armor.

Note that in this case there are intentionally two instances of Organic Armor Sleeves because we want to get two sleeves for the armor set.

On the other hand, if you don’t use the Buy List (AA) Mode, you could end up with missions for 5 boots and 2 helmets, or any other combination of pieces.

NOTE: This option works only in ClickSaver Donator’s Edition.



Locations tab / All Missions in Same Location


When this option is enabled and you’re auto-accepting multiple missions, all missions will be picked in the same location as the first one.
Locations / Match in Buying Agent must be also enabled for this option to work.

Sample output (from cs-res.log) for a match-any-nano, same-location, multi-accept=3 session:

 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 535.6 1482.6 Broken Shores
     find Waist Implant: Chemical AC, Shiny
 *** reward QL139 Nano Crystal (Perfected Shielding Barrier) (DB Id 70590/70590)
 Will roll remaining missions in Broken Shores (450-800,1300-1650)
Done 8/9992 QL134 rolls, 1/2 accepts - Found wanted mission

 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 731.4 1430.5 Broken Shores
     find Flawless Kevlar Armor Sleeves
 *** reward QL143 Nano Crystal (Touch of the Specter) (DB Id 210741/210741)
Done 13/9987 QL134 rolls, 2/1 accepts - Found wanted mission

 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 562.4 1508.2 Broken Shores
 *** find Nano Crystal (Team Skill Wrangler (Superior))
     reward QL134 Layered Large Rider Squibber (DB Id 125338/125339)
Done 18/9982 QL134 rolls, 3/0 accepts - Found wanted mission


NOTE: This option works only in ClickSaver Donator’s Edition.


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