Hi there!

This is Javier “Kimi” Arpa, and I’m starting this minisite as a complement to my main ClickSaver page because:

  • I want to announce new ClickSaver features and document existing ones easily, and the arpa3.net site is not that easy to work with.
  • I want to open the feature pages for comments and questions, although I won’t have much time for answering, but perhaps other users will.
  • I want ClickSaver users (including myself) to be able to check these pages “on the move”, from their cell phones or tablets.
  • In time I may move parts from the ClickSaver page here, because frankly, I feel it’s a little dense and hard to read to say the least.

Btw, ClickSaver 3.1.8 is in closed beta as of April 8 2019. If you’re qualified for the donator’s edition and you’re interested in beta-testing it, let me know.

That’s it for now!

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