Hi there!

This is Javier “Kimi” Arpa, and I’m starting this minisite as a complement to my main ClickSaver page because:

  • I want to announce new ClickSaver features and document existing ones easily, and the arpa3.net site is not that easy to work with.
  • I want to open the feature pages for comments and questions, although I won’t have much time for answering, but perhaps other users will.
  • I want ClickSaver users (including myself) to be able to check these pages “on the move”, from their cell phones or tablets.
  • In time I may move parts from the ClickSaver page here, because frankly, I feel it’s a little dense and hard to read to say the least.

Btw, ClickSaver 3.1.8 is in closed beta as of April 8 2019. If you’re qualified for the donator’s edition and you’re interested in beta-testing it, let me know.

That’s it for now!

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. So gmail has started flagging the clicksaver files you send as viruses, meaning it won’t let you download them. Now they aren’t gone, it’s just you have to go through some hoops to get them. I think the easiest would be to just sync your gmail account to a third party email program like outlook and download the attachments from there, but gmail also lets you download the email as a .eml file and if you have a way to modify those then you can extract the attachments that way. You can also use the mobile gmail app to save the attachments to google drive and then download them from there.

    1. Shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Since april 2019, instead of sending the files as email attachments, I upload them to my server and send a download link to donators. Gmail doesn’t seem to have a problem with that so far.

  2. i have the donator version of 3.1.8 running but for some reason it does nothing when i try to roll missions.
    Nothing in the sense of not showing mission rewards, mission descriptions or any kind of details at all.

    My first thinking was to look for some manual configuration of ao directory, i didnt find anything like that.

    Any chance you are still working on clicksaver?

    1. Sorry to hear that. According to my records, I sent an email to you on Oct, 4 2019. I’m reuploading the file to my server and resending the email to you. Feel free to contact me again if you don’t receive it.

  3. Hi. I just returned to AO, and was going to use clicksaver. I went trough my emails and can only find a notification of clicksaver 3.1.7 that it was going to be released the next day. Seems I didnt receive the files for 3.1.7, I can only find email for 3.1.6.

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