Team Improved Life Channeler

Seeking to improve on his success with the Team-Enhanced Deathless Blessing nano, Dr. Marius Blaunch set himself into the laboratory once more. Despite several initial setbacks costing him weeks of productivity, this nano was the end result. It came at no better time, as his fount of inspiration was preparing to pack up with their two kids and leave due to never actually seeing her husband. Increases the maximum health of all members of the doctor's team by 3,025 points for a short period of time.

NKB classification: Non-store-buyable - Unrollable - Quest Reward.
Note: Nodrop, Patch 17.9, Coursey quest reward

GMS price as of 1-Jan-2012, roughly speaking:
RK2 : N/A
RK1 : N/A

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