Summon Grid Armor Mk I

This temporarily creates a Multi-Spatial Phasing Beacon, which is used by fixers to enable them to exist both in Gridspace and the real world at the same time. The appearance of the fixer when in this form has lead to this device being called 'grid armor'. When being worn, the fixer evades most attacks, yet can still interact with the world as normal. The Beacon lasts for 6 hours.
Well, it would do that if it were in its Nanocrystal form.

NKB classification: Non-store-buyable - Unrollable, not RK dynaboss loot either
Note: Comprehensive Guide to Grid Armor (GA)

GMS price as of 1-Jan-2012, roughly speaking:
RK2 : 25M in ID form.
RK1 : 30M in nano form. 29M in ID form.

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